This is the site where some of my thoughts and ideas can be shared with interested visitors to all my websites MeasurementDevices, Temperatures.com, TempSensor.net and IRApps.com, not to mention my most popular website, TempSensorNEWS.com.

This grew out of our older websites because there was no easy way for people to feedback in them. It also is a place where I have not spent much time, for a variety of reasons.

(Note: Added on January 19, 2016 – I’m still at it!)

Now, there have been some serious changes made. Perhaps the most important is updating the site’s look and feel and addition of feeds from some related blogs. There aren’t many really informative ones around in the area of measurement, science and education, but the number is growing.

The second thing was to take down any hint of advertising. That may change, but for now we’ll be a lot “cleaned” and I’ll feel a lot better about it.

(Note: Added on June 2, 2007)

Now we are moving into the area of tech talk. I’ll kick it off by relating some successes and failures from my learning process in making measurements.

I’ve already published a few articles on related topics so I’ll draw on them for reference, but most of the real stuff is unpublished.

I am reminded on a quotation attributed to the late Dr. Richard Feynman, famous popularly for his role in the Rogers Commission to understand the NASA Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, but renown among physicists for his theories, teaching abilities, insights and wit. His thought expresses the truth far better than anything I could write:
“We have a habit in writing articles published in scientific journals to make the work as finished as possible, …. So there isn’t any place to publish, in a dignified manner, what you actually did in order to get to do the work.” — Richard P. Feynman, Nobel Lecture, 1966
This is one of those places where we can put down what we actually did, in a dignified manner, as far as I am concerned.

(Note added on September 25, 2007)

Things really move along as we discover more and more pod and videocasting options about ways to better understand measurements and education. We will be adding more references to these technologies and featuring examples that I like and think are really useful interspersed with the other content.

I am literally amazed at the progress that one Science teacher, Steve Dickie in Dearborn MI ,has made and the almost matter of fact way he explains it and its benefits in working with Physics students,

(Note added on July 7, 2008)

It hasn’t been simple, keeping a blog going with a single purpose, feedback. Guess that the way I think: a little scattered. This has become more one-sided than I originally planned, but people keep coming and some actually register. I’m not sure why; the comments have been few.

So, I have decided lately to keep on being scattered but to add in more of my experiences, likes and dislikes. It’s peppered with information about interesting websites and tidbits related to measurements and measurement education plus my own thoughts and insights.

If you have comments or experiences that you’d like to share, feel free to do so. The world of measurements and uses of measurements is huge and our websites are only scratching the surface.

(Note added February 7, 2012)

It’s been a while since I added to the site, or so it appears from the outside. In fact there are several new articles in various stage of completion in he inside.

I have let myself get distracted by my own activities in trying to build more Web traffic to the other sites in my website network  I am beginning to realize that there has to be a different discipline or paradigm used if these sites are going to be really effective.

The first step has been to clean up the look and feel of the site and plan to get the more important things, to me, done in a more orderly manner…Man, that’s not always easy; there are just too many distractions both on and off the Web.

Thanks to my son, Matt, for his clear thinking and help in refreshing the look of other websites I run.

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